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Our products are designed to build digital skills as an entry-level competency for new hires and incumbent workers.


Computers: One Click at a Time has been used by thousands of learners nationwide. It features real-world examples that are a hit with adult learners.

Digital Components

An Instructor Guide and Student Supplement expand upon workbook activities. Teachers receive additional tools to engage students, measure progress, and assess skills learned. Students get to apply classroom training.


Sixteen courses for building foundational digital skills in bite-sized chunks. Students demonstrate computer know-how, software skills, employability skills, and technology use in daily life

A Few of Our Customers...


Joseph Hughes, Assessment Coordinator
Cambridge College

"I discovered the Computers: One Click at a Time workbook and online companion curriculum when things were in lockdown and our adult learners were scrambling to navigate remote learning. The digital literacy courseware was relevant and my students and I easily onboarded the learning platform. As a premium plan licensee, I administered the micro-courses to our students without a hitch!"

Jennifer Garcia, Facilitator Cambridge Academies

“The Computers: One Click at a Time workbook and accompanying courseware are inclusive and interactive, which makes the learning easier for my students."

Mary Brancich, ED
Duncan Area Literacy Council

"I searched and compared many options before I decided to use TGX's courseware. It was spot on! The book covers so many essential skills for the new learner, and the videos are well done and aid in learning what is written in the book. When one session would finish, the learners didn’t want to stop, so they came back for the next session… and the next… and the next! They all made such improvement in their knowledge and skills in being able to use a computer “with ease.” Also, fantastic support from TGX!"

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