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Supporting Parents, Teachers, and Vulnerable Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Literacy Workbook

Our latest print publication is a digital literacy workbook designed to empower teachers, trainers, and students and close the digital divide. Students receive hands-on learning to effectively navigate the use of computers, the Internet, and basic office software. Instructors have a step-by-step tool to structure and supplement classroom curricula. Contact us for bulk orders or purchase single copies at Amazon by clicking “Purchase” below. Note: Be sure to buy the New copy on Amazon.


Our assessments provide insights to facilitate the realization of professional and personal goals. Off-the-shelf assessments include the following:

Participants assess their strengths based on the Holland/RIASEC model.

Participants assess their career mobility needs based on five (5) career mapping profiles. Results can help individuals plot their career path.

Students rank each other’s communication, reliability, and overall positive impact with tracking over time.

Students rank the teacher’s communication, approachability, and inclusion efforts with tracking over time.

Investing in human capital is a smart move.

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