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Digitalization, globalization, diversity, and automation are key forces impacting organizations. These forces provide an opportunity for continuous learning and organizational improvement.  We understand the growing imperative for organizations to redesign themselves to move faster, adapt more quickly, and embrace the career needs of their people.  In fact, our trainings are designed to elicit best practice behaviors that are characteristic of high performance organizations. Below are sample trainings that can be tailored to provide a context suitable for your organizational needs.

A Winning Mindset

This course references Dr. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset and underscores the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs and developing stretch goals along with the core competencies to meet those goals. Participants learn to overcome common derailers and apply a growth mindset as they embark upon their career development path.
Audience: entry and mid-level leaders.

Career Pathing

What does it take to transition into a role with more responsibility? How can you get the support you need to be well-equipped for promotion? Learn how to prioritize and stay focused, influence your colleagues, and contribute to peer networks, as you establish credibility with tough audiences and flex your career potential.
Audience: entry and mid-level leaders.

Character and Conflict

This course allows participants to examine their own character and demonstrate character traits indicative of healthy relationships as they learn to manage workplace conflict. Participants learn to practice effective communication skills and use “intentionality” as a strategy to overcome conflict.
Audience: mid-level and senior leaders.


Safeguarding data has become a necessity in an interconnected world of computers, smart devices, and social networks. Discover tools and practical applications to guard against hackers, cyber attacks, and malicious actors. From identifying phishing scams to creating strong passwords, examine the latest cybersecurity threats, unsafe behaviors associated with electronic data, and how to overcome workplace vulnerabilities.
Audience: entry, mid-level, and senior leaders.

Effective Leadership

Esteemed author Malcolm Gladwell has said that “the digital economy is pushing us in a weak link direction,” where organizations can no longer afford to play “basketball,” but have to learn how to play “football.” As our technological tools, massive data repositories, and algorithms become more sophisticated, leaders must also become more sophisticated, managing their organizations in a new way that’s more reminiscent of shepherding a football team comprised of strong and weak players, than coaching a basketball team where a superstar’s prowess on the court (or lack of) can determine a team’s fate. This course helps seasoned leaders hone skills to develop a more resilient, inclusive organization, where all people – individually and collectively – can do their best work.
Audience: senior leaders.

High-Impact Communication

Having the knowledge to communicate information through charts, graphs, and sophisticated visualizations isn’t enough to move target audiences to action. In this course, participants learn how to bring information to life with stories, frameworks, and figurative language that serve as effective, high-impact messaging for selling ideas and convincing others.
Audience: entry, mid-level, and senior leaders.

Incubating Leaders

Is your workplace culture a breeding ground for leadership? How do you develop an effective leadership pipeline? This course gleans best practices from one state’s culture for incubating leaders and provides practical insights for nurturing leaders for the 21st century.
Audience: senior leaders.

Mindfulness: A Key to Health and Wellness

New research is demonstrating the importance of mindfulness for wellbeing and general happiness. This course examines five lifestyle triggers and explores how mindfulness strategies can reduce common stressors that impact the way we work and live.
Audience: entry, mid-level, and senior leaders.

Modern Analytics

Like people, technology, and capital, data is being esteemed as a core asset. Some term it as the “new oil,” but few leaders understand how to transform and deploy data beyond its raw state for meaning throughout the organization’s value chain. This course helps participants become proficient in modern analytics in the context of their own real-world projects, with an emphasis on developing and utilizing softer core competencies for business impact.
Audience: mid-level and senior leaders.
Recommended Prerequisite: High-Impact Communication.

Unpacking Creativity

Employers in all industries desire employees who can think creatively, bringing new perspectives to the workplace. This course examines critical and creative thinking and helps participants channel their creativity toward organizational challenges and goals.
Audience: mid-level and senior leaders.